In June of 2014, the US Attorney in Birmingham convened a summit, along with the Jefferson County Medical Health Officer and the Dean of UAB’s School of Public Health, to help the community understand the emerging, significant problem we were facing with heroin and opiate addiction and overdose deaths. Teachers, education professionals, doctors, treatment and prevention experts, government officials, lawyers, law enforcement officers, medical insurance providers, and concerned parents came together for a day of education about the problem and as a result, the Pills to Needles Initiative was created. is a resource developed by the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Alabama to combat the heroin epidemic. Our goal is to increase awareness about the path from pills to needles, teach people about prevention through real stories from individuals with a substance abuse disorder, their friends and family, and city officials. We aim to destigmatize addiction to encourage people to seek treatment.

Steering committee Partners

Jefferson County District Attorney

UAB Digital Media

UAB School of Public Health

UAB Substance Abuse Programs

United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Alabama

Addiction Prevention Coalition

Birmingham Police Department

Clarus Consulting Group

Homewood City Schools

Jefferson County Community Corrections Program (TASC)

Jefferson County Department of Health